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WORLD: from Freedom to Central Banking Tyranny - Aaron Russo Four Star Google Video Interview
L'emissione di biglietti di stato a corso legale restituirà la rendita monetaria al popolo sovrano
Shut Down The Federal Reserve: Save America!
(sign the petition)

We are in a WORLD WAR, ie: the BANKS -v- the PEOPLE, and ordinary People everywhere are falling victim to intricate global attacks by the Banks who control the Parliaments and the Judiciaries.  If we are to regain our Laws and our Liberties, we are going to have to learn and exercise our Rights, especially the Right to Trial by Jury." - John Wilson, Australia, 5 Aug 2006

"Non faremo opere pubbliche se non ci sono i soldi...." - Romano PRODI, 19 maggio 2006
"Dire che un governo non ha soldi per fare opere pubbliche è come dire che un ingegnere non ha abbastanza chilometri per progettare autostrade" - Ezra POUND, da un ciclo di conferenze all'Università Bocconi di Milano, 1933

- 4. Regiogeld Kongress, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar - 30 September, 1 Oktober 2006
- Conference: "Monetary Regionalisation - Local currency systems as catalysts for endogenous regional development"- Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany, 28-29 September 2006
- AMI Monetary Reform Conference, Chicago, USA, Sept. 21–24, 2006
- Singapore: International Peoples Forum versus the IMF and World Bank - Friday 15 Sep 2006 to 17 Sep 2006
- THE U.S. vs. John Lennon - in Theathers September 2006

>>>>  EO 13410: An Executive Order to restore The ' Full Faith and Credit of the United States ' - as proposed by CSM, August, 2006

THE ONE WORLD ORDER: WEAPONS OF MASS INHUMANITY [Part 2] - Deanna Spingola,, August 31, 2006

Kangaroo Treasurer: The Hon Peter Costello, MP, Australia, knows nothing about the money creation business - August 7, 2006
Peter Costello

Disturbing Twists and Turns in Release of $4.5 Trillion for American People: funds diverted to Deutsche Bank/Berlin - By Greg Szymanski, 31 Aug 2006

Bayer CropScience: a BIOTECH DISASTER - Megan Tady, The NewStandard, Aug 30, 2006
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Berschauer
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Berschauer, Chairman of the Board of Management, Bayer CrapScience

Sulla fusione Intesa - San Paolo - Gianfranco La Grassa, 31/08/2006
Gianfranco La Grassa

INTESA-SAN PAOLO IMI: NOZZE PER IL SIGNORAGGIO - Piero Puschiavo, 26 agosto 2006

Real Estate Free Fall? - by Bill Bonner, August 31, 2006

Usura, anatocismo delle banche: Interrogazione al Senato - Sen. Maria Celeste Nardini, 27/07/2006
Sen. Maria Celeste Nardini, Gruppo RC-SE

Housing solutions in poor communities: Design like you mean it - by Laura Barcella, August 30, 2006


Pop Goes the Bubble - by Bill Bonner, August 30, 2006

Bernanke’s International Time Bomb - by Gary North, August 30, 2006

The How And Why Of Gold Price Manipulation - By Greg Peel, FN Arena, Aug 30, 2006

Fan Gang: dollaro Usa è la causa di instabilità yuan - Reuters, 29 agosto 2006
Gang Fan

Livre: John Law, Considérations sur le numéraire et le commerce, 1843

Livre: Jean-Baptiste Say, Traité d'économie politique, publ. par Horace Say, Paris: Guillaumin, 1841

Today's WrapUp: PRISONERS IN OUR OWN HOMES OR HOSTAGE TO GROWTH ? - by Rob Kirby 08.28.2006

Chad president Idriss Deby orders Chevron and Petronas out - Reuters, August 26, 2006
Idriss Deby

Plane Thinking: The multi-billion dollar Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project - by Gemma Galdon and Wilbert van der Zeijden, August 29, 2006

Questions to the Bank of England concering the illegal trading via India of $25+ trillion - Christopher Story, 29 Aug 2006

The Wrong Inflationary Thing - by The Mogambo Guru

Why Are We Worse Off ? - By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., 8/28/2006

Nelle mani dei briganti: L'alto tradimento del presidente-fantoccio Einaudi illustrato da Paolo Sella di Monteluce - Verità sulla finanza italiana (1957)

Libri online: Adolfo ROSSI, NEL PAESE DEI DOLLARI (Tre anni a New-York) - MAX KANTOROWICZ Editore, 1893

Russia pays off USSR’s entire debt, sets to become crediting country - Pravda, 22.08.2006

Dan Quayle's Bank of Israel will tax jews to pay for THEIR war... and more privatization to launder the New Shekel seigniorage-money -, Aug 28, 2006

Yen Slumps Most in Nine Months as Interest-Rate Trades Resume - By Chris Young, Bloomberg, Aug. 28 2006

Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad's Interview on U.K.'s Islam [TV] Channel - by Yvonne Ridley, MEMRI, August 25, 2006
Yvonne Ridley

Connecting the dots: Alex Jones - Aaron Russo & Joe Banister IRS interview - Haduken Jecktk, Audio with photos, 33 min 3 sec - 26-ago-2006

Searching for a New Kind of Economics - from: New Paradigm in Macroeconomics, R. Warren, 2005

Mahathir`s Long March to the Sea - By Ahmed Amr, Aug 6, 2006
Mahatir Mohammad

Globalisation and Derivatives - James Cumes, 3rd International Conference “Development in Economic Theory and Policy”, Bilbao, 6th - 7th July, 2006


Gli schiavi moderni/5 - Beppe Grillo, 26 Agosto 2006

Il nuovo gruppo Intesa-Sanpaolo - Ministro Di Pietro, 25 Agosto 2006

Sull’immigrazione: peggio di quanto credessi - Maurizio Blondet, 24/08/2006

Anatomy of Jobs Fraud [paraphernalia of lost and desperate banking leaders]
- by Jim Willie CB, editor of the "Hat Trick Letter" Aug 25, 2006

Pensare globalmente – agire localmente (moneta locale) - Centrofondi, 25 agosto 2006

Incontro su “Il Signoraggio e la moneta complementare” a Rovarè di San Biagio di Callalta (TV), Sabato 26 agosto 2006

Kangaroo Supreme: A Judge Contempt of the Sovereign People of Australia - August 25, 2006

E' il dollaro una moneta internazionale? - Prof. Massimo Amato [Univ. Bocconi], 29 marzo – 12 aprile 2005

Book online: Bernard Lietaer, Community Currencies: A New Tool for the 21st Century, Internet
Bernard Lieater

SIMPOL: Cross-party support grows for simultaneous solution to global problems - 24th August 2006
Mark Williams, the 14th MP to join SIMPOL

Submission to House of Lords Select Committee Enquiry into EU accounts - Ashley Mote, MEP, July 2006

Paul Grignon’s Video “Money as Debt” - a critique - by Verne Warwick, Aug 24, 2006

WHAT IS AN ECONOMIC `SYSTEM': Dynamics & Economy - by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Ex Int Review, August 25, 2006

Is economy headed to a soft landing? - By Sue Kirchhoff, USA TODAY, 8/23/2006

Syariah-compliant paid-up capital - by Ust Hj Zaharuddin Hj Abd Rahman, Business Times, August 16 2006

Student Debt Crisis: Are There Any Solutions? -By Talia Berman, WireTap, August 23, 2006

Credit Suisse stunned as dealer commits suicide - By Martin Waller, The Times, August 23, 2006
Usa, ex-Credit Suisse Quattrone evita terzo processo - Reuters, 22 agosto 2006

WE NEED TO RESURRECT THE PASTORS REGIMENT ! - By Pastor Chuck Baldwin,, August 22, 2006

Il debito occulto, bomba sociale - Maurizio Blondet, 21/08/2006

Neo-Keynesian Dooms Day - by The Mogambo Guru


L'Eni e il gioco delle tre carte - Beppe Grillo, 19 Agosto 2006

Zimbabwe - $1.8 Million Buys A Few Groceries Now - From Cathy Buckle, 8-19-6

Hezbollah Hands Out Cash To Lebanese War Victims - By Alistair Lyon, Reuters, 8-18-6

Essential services won't flourish in a jungle - by Kartika Liotard, EU MEP, August 21, 2006
Kartika Liotard

History: How USA and URSS looted seigniorage in Germany following WWII, the money plates - From Major George Racey Jordan's Diaries, 1952

Authentic Business: The Real Thing Is Getting So Hard to Find - By Jay Walljasper, Ode, August 21, 2006.

Plunge Protection Team: COME CLEAN, BEN! - By John Crudele, New York Post, July 27, 2006

TRIODOS Bank: a possible partner for Complementary Currency communities in United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany?
A short history of Triodos Bank
Photo of the day, outside a Croatian bank: 'I am a partisan' - August 21, 2006

Truth about money - Aaron Russo UMPLUGGED (movie) - Lone Lantern Society - Aug 16, 2006, 1 h 22 m

Financial Reckoning Night - by Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning, August 18, 2006
Bill Bonner

Smoot-Hawley 2006 - by The Mogambo Guru

- "Freedom Rally 2006" - San Jose, California, USA, August 18, 19 and 20

Twenty-Five Trillion Diverted to India by Bush Sr. - By Greg Szymanski, 18 Aug 2006

Toward a North American Union - Patrick Wood, The August Review, August 18, 2006

Are Capitalists Bamboozling the Poor? - by Thomas Woods, August 16, 2006

The forger who fooled the world - Telegraph, 05/08/2006
Han van Meegeren's The last supper (1940-1941)

US: What Happen to All The Conservatives? - Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret),, August 19, 2006

Housing boom might be kaput - 8-18-6

THE ONE WORLD ORDER: THE MILITARY MINIONS - Deanna Spingola,, August 17, 2006

Piacenza: Trovati alcuni dei cilindri all’uranio impoverito utilizzati come contrappesi nel C130 - Libertà, 17 agosto 2006


The Problem of Accuracy of Economic Data - by Philipp Bagus, August 17, 2006

Incidente aereo a Piacenza, uranio, polemica con MoviSol - di Marco Saba, 17 agosto 2006

Analysis: The "Good War" Myth of World War II - by John Spritzler, July 22, 2004

Human Interest Element of Ambassador Leo Wanta Story as Important as $4.5 Trillion Earmarked for American People - By Greg Szymanski, 16 Aug 2006

NovaGold Urges Investors to Spurn Barrick Bid - Reuters, August 14, 2006
Don't let Barrick steal NovaGold to feed the gold suppression scheme - GATA, 2006-08-10

WHEN THE INVISIBLE POWER CHOOSES TO BE SEEN - By Jon Christian Ryter,, August 16, 2006

Blackwater's Mercenary Jackpot - By Jeremy Scahill, The Nation, August 16, 2006
Jeremy Scahill (photo©Laura Hanifin)

Australia: the Supreme Kangaroo Court do it again - email to Wayne Merton,MP, 16 Aug 2006

Death and Taxes - by Gary D. Barnett, August 16, 2006

Real Bills, Phony Wealth: Debtor’s Prison - by Robert Blumen, August 16, 2006
Robert Blumen

Vox Populi, Vox Suckers - by Gary North, August 15, 2006
Gary North

So, Osama walks into this bar, see? - by Greg Palast August 14th, 2006
Michael Moore (Left) with Greg Palast (Right) - sort of bipartisanship...

Gli interessi dei cittadini - Antonio Di Pietro, 15 agosto 2006


Economia: è Morto Auriti, Invento' Il 'Simec' Moneta Locale - Adnkronos, 12 ago. 2006
Il Prof. Giacinto Auriti, che si oppose all'anònima "Mafitàlia", immaginava un paese terrestre:

Omicidio di Roberto Calvi: "Fu la Banca d'Italia a fare pressioni...." - RAITRE, Enigma, 10 agosto 2006, ore 23.45

Derivatives: Facts and Fallacies - by Michael S. Rozeff, August 12, 2006

Gardini, riaperta l'inchiesta sul suicidio - L'Unità, 11 agosto 2006
Raul Gardini, uno dei tanti "suicidati"...

Autostrade: Il girotondo dell'economia - Beppe Grillo, 11 Agosto 2006

Gold Mining Stocks - Blood, Sweat and Tears - Kenneth J. Gerbino, Aug 10, 2006

I had promised that I would be calm - The Mogambo Guru, Aug 9, 2006

Autralia, John Wilson: One man's battle - Hills Shire Times, 8 Aug 2006
Australia: Judge accused of corruption - Hills Shire Time, Aug 4 2006
Kangaroo Court in Australia: A Judge pretending to judge in his own cause - Supreme Court Transcript, August 4, 2006
John Wilson

Video online: 'Argentina: Ahora o Nunca' - by Brian Hunter
Autostrade-Abertis: Lettera al Wall Street Journal - Ministro A. Di Pietro, 10 Agosto 2006

Who Is Behind World War III? - by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Executive Intelligence Review, August 11, 2006
World Corporations: The Globalization ‘Blob’ Spreads Its Economic Control [PDF] - EIR Economics Staff, August 11, 2006
Mercosur Dumps U.S. Economic Lunacy - by Cynthia R. Rush, Executive Intelligence Review, August 4, 2006

Bring Back Fiscal Corruption - by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., August 09, 2006

JFK Speech on Secret Societies and Freedom of the Press

Muore in carcere Christoff "Kiko" Hohenloe - 9 agosto 2006
Christoff "Kiko" Hohenloe
Christoff "Kiko" Hohenloe

The banking system in emerging economies: how much progress has been made? - BIS Papers No. 28, August 2006

Inflation or Deflation in 2007? - by Gary North, August 9, 2006

Download "Cooperation, the wealth of nations" game for free

La formazione degli ingegneri deve prevedere anche gli aspetti economico-finanziari dei progetti - Il Giornale dell'Ingegnere, 1 luglio 2006

BRITISH PETROLEUM’S “SMART PIG” - by Greg Palast August 8th, 2006

Big Oil and the Trillion-Dollar War Bonus - by Greg Palast August 8th, 2006
Greg Palast
Greg Palast

Proposta di decreto legge per l'emissione del DOGADO - Governo Veneto, 9 agosto 2006

US: Press Conference in front of Federal Reserve Bank in NYC - 1:00 PM on Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Patrick Wood to appear on The Laurie Roth Show: Toward a North American Union - Tuesday, August 8, 7-10PM Pacific, 4-7 AM in Italy 9 August [here live]

[Blanchiment du seigneurage] L'une après l'autre, les banques françaises tissent leur toile en Europe - AFP, 8 Août 2006

Le public utilities - Ministro A. Di Pietro, 8 Agosto 2006

The US Economy - An Interesting Conversation - By George Whitehurst Berry, 8-8-6

The Mogambo Economic Game Show: fractional-reserve paper in the commodity market, a gigantic short position in all kinds of things - by The Mogambo Guru

Recessione? - Maurizio Blondet, 06/08/2006
Un fenomeno nuovo in Usa: rifiuto del lavoro - Maurizio Blondet, 06/08/2006
Maurizio Blondet
Maurizio Blondet

Remembering the Conglomerates - by Michael S. Rozeff, August 8, 2006

Beans and Bullets and Bear Markets. Oh my! - by Wendy McElroy, JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP, August 07, 2006

Corse: Les nationalistes veulent "endiguer la dépossession" des Corses de leur terre - L'Investigateur, Aug 8, 2006

Tremonti: Otelma piu' serio di Prodi - 2006-08-07

Japan calls for reform at IMF - Reuters, August 4, 2006
Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki

Marchés: Deutsche Börse espère toujours fusionner avec Euronext - La Tribune, 08/07/06

Vie des sociétés: La “NON” affaire Clearstream... - Le Mensuel d’AGEFI Luxembourg, juin 2006

What's the real federal deficit? - USA Today, 8/4/2006

Mahathir Calls for a Boycott of the Dollar - Ahmed Amr, August 02, 2006

Is Money Your God? - By Ted Twietmeyer, 8-2-6

Americans and "People in the Know" Speak-Up About The Wanta Plan - By Greg Szymanski, 7 Aug 2006

Nuoro, l''ereditiere' rinuncia a 2,5 milioni di euro - ADN Kronos, 7 agosto 2006

NovaGold may be the next battlefield in the gold war - GATA, August 6, 2006

We Can Build A Healthy Global Society - By David Korten, YES! Magazine. Posted August 7, 2006

Feng Shui Means, 'Make More Money' - by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers, August 7, 2006

Simpol-UK: Conservative MP adds further support to Simultaneous Policy campaign - PRESS RELEASE: 7th August 2006

Minimum Wage and Fascism - by Devvy Kidd,, August 7, 2006

The Root Problem: Illuminati Or Jews? - Fritz Springmeier Replies, By Henry Makow, 8-6-6

A Credit Machine Running Amok - by Dr. Kurt Richebächer, 08/03/06

Vient de paraître : Clearstream-Luxembourg / Les documents du juge van Ruymbeke - L'investigateur, Aug 7, 2006

America From Freedom To Fascism - new trailer

Déréglementation financière, blanchiment et «guerre contre le terrorisme»: Ce que cache l’«affaire Clearstream» [les cons contre les néo-cons...] - Le Monde Diplomatique, 5 août 2006

Luci (poche) e ombre (molte) del governo Prodi - Eufemia Giannetti, Rinascita, 4 Agosto 2006
Predonomia e criminalità - Carmelo R. Viola, Rinascita, 3 Agosto 2006

I misteri della finanza (OPUS SGHEI, quello che Dan Brown NON ha detto) - Antonio Pantano, Rinascita, 2 Agosto 2006

Giuliano Amato, un ennesimo cialtrone a pedali
Giuliano Amato

Some Said The Old "Wanta Horse" Couldn't Run But An Old Horseman Dropped Odds To 8-5 That He'll Cross The Finish Line First - By Greg Szymanski, 5 Aug 2006

Soros, lo speculatore - Giovanni Lanza, Rinascita, 4 Agosto 2006
George Soros, condannato in Francia per insider trading
George Soros, condannato in Francia per insider trading

No alla fusione Autostrade-Abertis - Ministro Di Pietro, 5 agosto 2006

Italiani, fondoschiena a tasso variabile - Beppe Grillo, 5 Agosto 2006

The scam called privatization: Macquarie Bank Takes the Low Road - by John Hoefle, Executive Intelligence Review, July 28, 2006

Running Out of Money - by Bill Bonner, August 5, 2006

China's Sky Train: A Great Leap West to an Impenetrable Warehouse in Tibet - by Lynette Dumble and Susanne Menihane, August 5, 2006

Australia, NSW: Trial by jury advocates accuse judge of corruption - By Alyssa Braithwaite, AAP, 04 August, 2006

Bechtel Takes a Hit for War Profiteering: Government auditors who canceled Bechtel's $50 million contract will soon find reasons to cancel the company's $2.85 billion in Iraq contracts - By Antonia Juhasz, AlterNet, August 4, 2006

The Source of Prices - by Ludwig von Mises, August 04, 2006

A Recap of the Explosive Leo Wanta Story and the Road to Find $27.5 Trillion Dollars - By Greg Szymanski, 3 Aug 2006
Ambassador Leo E. Wanta
Ambassador Leo E. Wanta

Do Rent-to-Own Stores Hurt the Poor? - by Thomas Woods, August 3, 2006

L'indulto e i reati contro i lavoratori - Ministro Di Pietro, 3 Agosto 2006

Uccidere un cerbiatto costa 40 euro - Beppe Grillo, 3 Agosto 2006

L’Eni di fronte al mercato globale - Andrea Angelini, Rinascita, 3 Agosto 2006

NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY, PART II - by Byron King, August 3, 2006

Luxembourg: Tricheurs bien aimés ? - L’investigateur 341 du 3 août 2006
L’affaire ITI Holding-Luxembourg fait des vagues - L’investigateur 341 du 3 août 2006


[money laundering totaling billions of euros between France and Israel]
Banques: le renvoi en correctionnelle du PDG de la Société générale ébranle la profession - LE MONDE, 02.08.06
Money laundering trial involving SocGen, others to start in H2 2007 [Barclays, Societe Marseillaise de Credit and National Bank of Pakistan involved] - report - AFX, Jul 27, 2006
Banche: Societe Generale [SocGen], Buton Sarà Giudicato Per Riciclaggio [rischia 10 anni] - ANSA, 26 LUG 2006
Daniel Bouton, le PDG de la Société Générale, en mai 2006 [AFP/ERIC PIERMONT]



Trilateral Commission 2006 Membership List *** La Banca dei Regolamenti internazionali - BRI / The Bank for International Settlements - BIS
La Banca Mondiale / The World Bank *** Il Fondo Monetario Internazionale - FMI / The International Monetary Fund - IMF
Petizione: Dialogo Transatlantico sul Signoraggio [DTS] Petition: Transatlantic Seigniorage Dialogue
Video:  THE IRS TAX SCAM- More videos and audios here
24 hour Spot Gold Chart live [KITCO] - Arriva Mandraghi ! - Slide show (MS-PowerPoint): Moneta Sociale
Euroschiavi  Misteri dell'euro misfatti della finanza  Bankenstein - di Marco Saba   Buono di Liberazione  Clearstream,  l'enquête - Denis Robert

"So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." - Sidonia (Rothschild) to Coningsby, from "Coningsby - or the new generation," Benjamin Disraeli, 1844

Benjamin Disraeli

Pétition de soutien: Nous citoyens européens soutenons Denis Robert et condamnons l’acharnement des autorités judiciaires luxembourgeoises à son encontre.  [TRAPEZITES: EX VNO DISCES OMNES]
From: Field Manual [FMI] 3-07.22. Counterinsurgency Operations - October 1, 2004


2-21. Threats may be specific, such as insurgents or illicit drugs, or they may be more general as in instability and social unrest. This requires civil and military leaders to also target long-term causes rather than short-term symptoms.


human being. See Monster. [2 Bl. Com. 24. Law Dictionary with Pronunciations by James Ballentine, 1948 Edition]

monster. A human-being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal… [2 Bl. Com. 24. Law Dictionary with Pronunciations by James Ballentine, 1948 Edition]

The simple reason that everyone loves a good con: as long as they think they're making out better than the other guy or fear that they would end up worse off if removed...

Il motivo per cui la gente ama la truffa della rendita monetaria: perché pensano di guadagnarci di più del loro prossimo e/o perché temono di rimanere svantaggiati se la truffa viene rimossa...
Moral Hazard: 31 gennaio 1996, un commando delle Tigri Tamil fa saltare la sede della banca centrale a Colombo, capitale dello Sri Lanka.