An Executive Order to restore The 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States'
[EO 13420]
- proposed by the Italian NGO CSM, November 1, 2006

In 2005 ADUSBEF, an NGO, won a lawsuit against the Bank of Italy about the monetary rent (seigniorage) that must go to the people instead of the partners of the banks that create this money out of thin air.

The Italian jurist who helped us in the lawsuit (Giacinto Auriti) died recently at 84.

The cause was overturned by the Italian Supreme Court because of some minor bureaucratic imprecision in the paper-work. In the meantime, the governor of the Bank of Italy was removed. Anyway, it was an important victory because the people discovered what it is the SEIGNIORAGE, a feudal right, that was unlawfully taken over by the banks. By the way, Mr Bukminster Fuller wrote interesting things about the issue of money.

Below is the text of some interesting quotes:
"Ilya Prigogine has pointed out that when a system is unstable, a single point of stability has profound effects on the unstable system; it can rapidly catalyze re-organization and higher order in the midst of unsuitability and uncertainty. For example, putting a string into a super-saturated salt solution will trigger crystal formation. Without that point to initiate order, the components will remain random and the system unstable. We can apply this to our present 'random and unstable' social and environmental conditions, both within the United States and world around. A comprehensive assessment of problems, and viable alternatives, if widely shared can catalyze higher-order and global stability."

We think this can be done by reforming the monetary system. The single point of stability can be the redistribution of seigniorage and elimination of interest/usury, more below.

"Just as a few cells can set-up a resonant effect in the brain and order the activities of the whole, so can a small group of individuals help create the coherence and order to crystallize a wider transformation."

Resonance will help a lot. If President Bush write an Executive Order to restore monetary sovereignty to the US government, instead of the private FED, this example can be the attractor and catalyst of a real *new world order*, a good one.

The Catholic new Pope, Ratzinger, may agree with that plan [Dottrina Sociale della Chiesa]. Also Prince Charles, with his interest in sustainability, cannot disagree. Islam is interested in free-interest loans which are mandated by the Quran. Jews condemns usury:  it is forbidden to pay interest even if (because of devaluation of the currency) the value of the payment does not exceed the principal, and it is rabbinically forbidden to repay the full amount of a loan if the currency has increased in value [Yoreh De'ah,].

And, if restoring the monetary sovereignty to the state/government give so much money-power to the elected ones, they can abolish interest on loans because it is not needed anymore. Interests are enforced to mask the real great gain from the power of issuing new money at no cost. The minimum fractional reserve requirement was in fact abolished in 1995, so the money-multiplier is virtually zero - today. It is done mostly with the derivative scam.

We can learn to play an 'all win game' rather than an "I win-you lose," in mathematics this is called a "NASH Equilibrium," from the name of John Forbes Nash Jr. (game theorist), former RAND employee who was secluded in Saint Elizabeth Mental Hospital together with Ezra Pound. Later, Nash won the Nobel prize on economics.

But let we explain THE PLAN-B

(Banks know about a possible B-Plan, they call it MORAL HAZARD)

The Plan-A is obvious.
They may want to use gold-backed money to restore faith in the currency: the new AMERO (north-american new currency for USA, Canada and Mexico), engineered by the CFR, may be the first step for a global currency.

But this plan is discutable because the gold business is manipulated [see:] and in the hands of few:  if you establish a currency on gold reserve, you will become slave of the gold business that is owned by the same old merchants of Chaos.

The plan-B is more subtle (technically, a reversed 'currency board').

The US President can enact overnight an Executive Order [EO 13420] establishing:

- that each new FEDRES money (banknotes and sight deposits - i.e. credit) that come into existence MUST be backed by STATE BILLS (state notes);

- that each of the 50 States print those bills in proportion to their quantity of people (demographic dimension);

- that the FEDERAL RESERVE has to take those bills as MANDATORY 100% RESERVE (i.e. those bills are freezed, sterilized in the economic-jargon);

- that the same must be done by each banks when they open new credit lines (i.e. all the new monetary rents coming from new money, loans, and credit goes to the 50 United States in proportion - as a seigniorage redistribution);

- the President can pretend - on the E.O. - that those measures are needed to restore faith in the US DOLLAR (100% reserves in true constitutional state bills/notes).

- the President establishes that in the case AMERO is adopted, the AMERO-seigniorage will be shared proportionally among USA, Canada and Mexico.

The President may use all his power, the new laws recently issued, the special forces, the Homeland Security, etc., to assure that this E.O. is enforced without any opposition by the money-masters. (the co-conspirators cannot retaliate with the menace of using atomic-weapons, because if you exterminate the human-race, there will be no more banking at all...).

First effect: a 100 dollar banknote will cost to the tax-payer only a fraction: no more public (national) debt. (be aware, the public debt has to be renegotiated between the gov and the banking cartel on a-cent-for-the-10-dollar basis).

Second effect: the people will still continue using FEDERAL RESERVE notes, without any side effect to their day-to-day life. [only that: taxes are no more necessary due to the great income coming from the seigniorage-monetary rent...]

The same plan, soon or later, should be enacted in Europe with the European Central Bank - else the people here will start to relocate and working in the U.S. (or the AMERO Zone) due to the new very most favorable economic conditions: no taxes, no more interest on loans, Free Trade Zone, etc.

This plan of a Special Bush Executive Order will give to the US an argument to a peaceful rule over the rest of the world that is suffering under the old-bankers talon (except for some exotic states that are yet doing seigniorage redistribution...).

Why this is a win-win game? Because thus doing you can have an economic recover and the banks, in the aggregate, can gain the same amount of money (maybe more) but honestly, as coming from the increased turn-over of profits.

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Some feedback:

From: "Richard Cook"
Subject: Re: Monetary Reform: Italian proposal
Wed, 02 May 2007

    Mr. Saba,

Thank you for your very kind message. Yes, I agree that restoring sovereignty to the government would be a good measure. The existing system with sovereignty ceded to the banks is terrible. And I also agree that the monetary system must be the point of stability within the chaos that now exists. However, I would also have to insist on the regular payment of a cash dividend to all citizens as absolutely necessary to restore balance between prices and purchasing power and to establish and maintain real economic democracy.

All the best,

Richard Cook
(See: An Emergency Program of Monetary Reform for the United States - by Richard C. Cook, Global Research, April 26, 2007)