Reggie Chartrand and the Knights of Independence - by François Chartrand

Drapeau des Chevaliers de l'Indépendance (CDI flag)

The knights of Independence were founded in 1962 and they organized the earliest massive public demonstrations in favor of Quebec’s sovereignty. 
Quebec libre
Quebec’s elite knew that the idea of a country named Quebec was not a far fetch idea, whether they agreed with it or not but the masses where kept in the dark, no one dared to tell them just how powerful they were.  At first, only a few knights showed up, the rest of the population was terrified of the reaction of English Canada and with cause.  Their reaction was brutal and cops made a public spectacle of beating Reggie Chartrand, supreme chief of the knights, in a hysterical and senseless manner, a man that has never broken any laws.
Reginald Chartrand
Reggie and his pregnant wife arrested by the Canadian Police

They were beating him so hard, completely blind, not realizing they were in front of cameras almost killing a man in broad day light, just because he said; ”VIVE LE QUÉBEC LIBRE”. 
Quebec libre
The rage displayed by the authorities reveled just how scared they where and that’s what ignited the popular movement for sovereignty.  Reggie became a martyr and had he not had the courage to come back for more beatings, things would not have gone the way they did.  The beating were more and more severe and focused on Reggie and by the time they realized they could not keep him in the hospital or in jail, it was to late, the word was out, killing him would have caused riots in the streets.  More and more people showed up to his rallies and eventually the authorities where overwhelmed and it would never again be possible to suppress this movement.
Quebec Libre

When Charles De Gaulle visited Quebec in 1967, he had never mentioned to anyone in Quebec that he had the intention to pronounce himself in favor of Quebec’s sovereignty and I don’t think he had the intention but he was a great and courageous man.  His motorcade went from Quebec City to Montreal and all along the way, he saw thousands of peoples demonstrating to him that Quebec was indeed a nation, his heart was touched and he did the right thing.  When he pronounced those famous words “VIVE LE QUÉBEC LIBRE” an entire nation cried out tears of joy and it still brings tears to my eyes as I write this.  In 1968, René Lévesque founded the Parti Québecois, the first and only sovereignty party. 
Piastre - front
Piastre - back
500 000 billets ont été distribués par Reggie partout au Québec avec numéros de série sur papier monnaie

Oddly enough, I was born on the day of his 44th anniversary in 1966.  The 25th of November 1976, he was elected the 23rd prime minister of Québec.  From the beginning, the leftists have sought to infiltrate the sovereignty movement with their Marxist-Leninist ideas but Reggie said right from the beginning; “Lets liberate this nation and let them decide what kind of government they want.”.  He was labeled a right wing extremist but he wasn’t an idealist at all.  He was a political radical, Quebec’s sovereignty first and foremost, everything else is secondary and he would have joined forces with anyone who promoted this agenda ahead of everything else but he saw right away that the leftists where nothing but infiltrators, they where not real souverainists and he predicted accurately that they would not liberate Quebec. 
Reggie Chartrand
Reginakd "Reggie" Chartrand

Reggie has always encouraged people to demonstrate peacefully, the knights where to be guardians and not aggressors.  The F.L.Q. (Quebec’s Liberation Front) was in appearance a home grown terrorist organization and he firmly condemned their violent acts of placing bombs.  The F.L.Q. where Jesuit trained leftwing extremists, mind control victims and today they are presented as heroes by today’s extremists but they never represented the true Quebecois psyche which contains not a drop of terrorist tendencies.  The Parti Québecois has never in any way, shape, or form, recognized Reggie Chartrand has a pioneer for the cause but I know for a fact that he is, even today, admired by is own enemies as a men of integrity that has caused a most profound concern in their ranks.  Some key players in those events told me in private that he was their most formidable opponent in those days.  A pure and fearless heart that could not be swayed, only by the cowardice of the people he was fighting for.  Once in a while, a right wing leader will point a finger at him to honor his courage but they won’t listen to him, thinking maybe that he found the courage by mistake, his mind having nothing to do with it!

Today, the Parti Québecois, has become a nightmare of bureaucratic failures filled with big vegetables scheming and plotting to rob the people using their national fervor with no real intentions of braking their dependence on international socialism.  After having been openly and blatantly betrayed like this, the people are rising again.  This bi-party fraud is now practically guarantied to see the Parti Québecois elected as the next government.  They selected this nice charming young man, André Boisclair, to be the next prime minister but the word is out, he is just another empty suit with no substance.  He comes out and says things like he is in favor of removing the crucifixes from the national assembly and people are ready to crucify him, not because people are so fervently Christian but because they know he is only trying to cause further divisions.  
The Parti Quebecois is in the midst of a putsch because there are many in that party who feel the heat.  The sovereignty movement as always been on the increase since the beginning and anyone who knows the story knows that the next referendum might be it unless the Parti Quebecois sabotages it.  Bernard Landry was the last prime minister under the Parti Quebecois, he is a bright and noble leader and he was on the scene right from the beginning when souvereignists where no more than 2 or 3 percent of the population.  The socialists in his own Party have sabotaged is leadership and forced him to resign but now that people see who they selected to replace him, many think the Party is doomed unless something is done.  People in Quebec crave a real leader, and if one was ever to punch trough the propaganda, the whole world would soon find out what Québec really is, a nation who can stand on its own with no need for a rule from European Socialists.  That’s why Segolene Royal came out in favor of Quebec’s sovereignty, the French socialists know they are loosing their grip on Quebec and they seek to prevent the removal of Boisclair from the leadership.

My bedroom window was over looking an orthodox Jewish schoolyard and not to long ago, a molotov cocktail was thrown against the front door of that school.  The next day, in the news of the French branch of Radio-Canada television channel, a report was aired that denounced all of the parents of all the children of that same school has braking the laws of Quebec by sending their children to that school because they did not teach all of the required academic fields.  The timing was such that one has to wonder if the molotov cocktail was not a prop for that report, leaving the impression that French Canadians are racists.  Polls came out in the newspapers recently showing a large percentage of racists in Quebec.  In the mean time, emigrants around the world are desperately trying to get here because they know that Quebec is extremely tolerant and generous with its emigrants and I don’t think there is one single country on the planet whose citizens are not represented in Montréal.  Ethnic tensions are being fomented in such an aggressive way; we can only speculate that these corrupt elite must think we are so stupid that we do not see what they are doing.  During the bombing in Lebanon, souvereignists leaders stood in support of the Lebanese by marching with them in the streets.  Of course there where flags from the Hezbollah in the crowd, the medias went absolutely crazy saying they where siding with the terrorists.  Their propaganda is failing because they are completely hysterical with it, showing blatant weaknesses in their character and when they dare challenge souvereignists in open debates, they really come across as idiots.  It is as if their strategy is so worn-out that they can’t find anyone solid enough to implement it.  
They keep representing Quebec’s culture as a multicultural mosaic, which is a fact that clearly distinguish Quebec from the rest of North America, precisely because French Canadians are themselves a minority group with a natural compassion for other minorities, they always forget to mention that.

First we called ourselves Canadians while the English where still British subject, until they took that name for themselves.  Then we where called French Canadians, but the English did not like the fact that there were two kinds of Canadians, so they called us Quebecers.  We then called ourselves Quebecois but they don’t like it either because it’s sounds more and more like a national title, so now Canadians say we are French-Quebecers.
 Next they will call us nobodies.