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RAP sul sistema

- April 15th 2008 Global Strike: join with the millions of Americans who now know about the IRS fraud

- unMoney Convergence Conference - Seattle, WA, April 14th-16th, 2008

- Open Money Intensive
- Tepoztlán near Mexico City, Mexico, March 3rd to 9th, 2008

SCEC: COME VERE BANCONOTE - Sorrisi e Canzoni TV n.10 del 2008
- Conferenza sulo SCEC presso "sala conferenze" del Convento di San Domenico (Pistoia) - 28 febbraio alle 21.00

SCEC: Caro spesa? Paga con gli SCEC - Vanity Fair, 27 febbraio 2008
Arriva in città lo SCEC, la moneta anti-euro - la nuova Provincia di Biella, 23 febbraio 2008
SCEC: Con i buoni locali di solidarietà è maggiore il potere d'acquisto - il Crotonese, 19-21 febbraio 2008
- Conferenza: “Valute regionali complementari all’Euro… a quando la moneta biellese?“ - NuovaMente, ITIS " Q.SELLA " Aula 39, Via Rosselli 2, Biella, alle ore 21,00, giovedì 21 febbraio 2008
SCEC: SI ACQUISTERÀ CON BUONI LOCALI - Giuliano Carella, il Quotidiano, 17 febbraio 2008
SCEC: Breve rapporto sull'incontro a Terni - Da: andrea c., 3 Feb 2008


Guerra preventiva a Tremonti [dagli economisti-zombi] - Maurizio Blondet, Effedieffe, 29 febbraio 2008

The Far Too Simple Beauty of the Promises We've Made - BY BRIAN PRETTI, Financial Sense, WrapUp  02.29.2008

Speculative Onslaught. Crisis of the World Financial System: The Financial Predators had a Ball; Financial Tsunami, Part V - by F. William Engdahl, Global Research, February 23, 2008
In the argot of Wall Street, LTCM was a highly geared fund, unbelievably high. One of its investors was the Italian central bank, so awesome was the fund’s reputation. Despite the clear lessons from the harrowing LTCM debacle—there is no derivative that insures against systemic risk—Greenspan, Rubin and the New York banks continued to build their risk models as if nothing had taken place

U.S. banking sector headed for meltdown, official says - Global Research, February 29, 2008


Rebel investors take control of Bear hedge funds - Financial Times, 29 Feb 2008
Rebel investors have seized two failed Bear Stearns hedge funds in a move their lawyers hope will give them a platform to sue the US bank for compensation

Rogue trader’s unauthorised bets cost MF Global $141.5m - Chicago Tribune, 29 Feb 2008

A rogue trader at MF Global operating from a Memphis office made huge unauthorised trades in Chicago wheat futures on Thursday, costing the commodities brokerage $141.5m (€93m), the firm said

The New Global Gold Rush - By Andy Hoffman, The Globe and Mail, February 29, 2008

Debts R Us: Mutiny OF the Bounty - Mukund Sheorey, PrudentBear, February 25, 2008

Axa Framlington bids farewell to star manager - Phil Craig, Financial News, 29 Feb 2008
Axa Framlington's star UK equities manager has left the group after the fund he managed dropped close to the bottom of performance tables

AIG reports its worst quarterly loss ever - The Wall Street Journal, 29 Feb 2008
The credit crunch hit American International Group with brute force, as the global insurer reported a $5.3bn (€3.4bn) fourth-quarter loss largely because of a writedown that exceeded many analysts' expectations

Peloton Partners liquidates $2bn fund - Stephanie Baum and William Hutchings, Financial News, 29 Feb 2008
Peloton Partners, a London-based hedge fund manager, is liquidating a $2bn (€1.3bn) fund targeting asset-backed securities in one of the largest hedge fund collapses in Europe

[a proposito di centrali nucleari] Rep. Matheson speaks out against Italian radioactive waste - By Judy Fahys, The Salt Lake Tribune, 02/28/2008

The U.S. Dollar Is Being Destroyed - Lee Rogers, www.funnymoneyreport.com, 2008-02-27

[guerra del pane] 70ENNE RUBA AL SUPERMERCATO "PER SOPRAVVIVERE" - ANSA, 2008-03-01

Svegliarsi da questa allucinazione - Pierluigi Paoletti, Centrofondi, 29 febbraio 2008

Si sono accorti della recessione - Maurizio Blondet, Effedieffe, 28 febbraio 2008

Evasione fiscale, Di Pietro: fuori i nomi prima delle elezioni - ILSOLE24ORE, 29 FEBBRAIO 2008

02/29/08 - The Inevitable Doom of Inflation Targeting - by The Mogambo Guru
"But price increases of such magnitude that they have never been seen before? And in the food business, which means that prices for food will rise faster (and probably higher) than at any time in history? Yikes!"

Heads I Win, Tails I Break Even - By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU
And the borrowers just saw a chance to benefit by the bank's stupidity, and they borrowed the money on the 'heads I win, tails I break even' chance that they could later sell at a profit or walk away

UBS shareholders approve $12bn cash injection - The New York Times, 28 Feb 2008
UBS shareholders on Wednesday backed a plan to raise $12bn (€7.9bn) capital for the troubled Swiss bank, after fiercely criticising the management over the huge writedowns on sub-prime investments that led to UBS’ first annual loss

Brief History of the Gold Clause in Contracts - by Mark K. Funke, Esq.
Un'ottima proposta da girare ai vari sindacati per proteggere il potere d'acquisto dei salari e delle pensioni: l'inclusione di una CLAUSOLA AUREA nei contratti nazionali di lavoro

Supplementi al Bollettino Statistico. Indicatori monetari e finanziari. Aggregati monetari e creditizi dell’area dell’euro: le componenti italiane - Bankitalia, Anno XVIII Numero 14, 28 Febbraio 2008

Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke Today
- by Dan McCarthy, February 27th, 2008

Madre Uccide Figlia Con Coltellata Al Petto - Agi, Morcone (Benevento), 27 Feb 2008

Fisco: Il Chi e' Degli Evasori Liechtenstein Nei Titoli Dei Giornali - Asca, 27 Feb 2008
Troveremo finalmente la lista dei signori del signoraggio?

Pistoia: Poliziotta Uccide Figlia e Si Toglie La Vita a Pieve a Nievole - Adnkronos, 26 Feb 2008

Le scandale de fraude fiscale en Allemagne prend un tour international - LE MONDE, 26.02.08
Outre les centaines d'Allemands suspectés d'avoir fraudé le fisc via des fondations au Liechtenstein, les enquêteurs se trouvent en possession de données concernant des étrangers. Le ministère des finances a fait savoir, lundi 25 février, que les informations seraient transmises aux Etats concernés avec lesquels elle a conclu des accords d'entraide judiciaire

AN S.O.S. TO AMERICA, GET TO A LIFEBOAT - By Greg Evensen, Former Kansas State Trooper, NewsWithViews.com, February 27, 2008
Eliminate the Federal Reserve System immediately, revoke its charter. Eliminate the Internal Revenue System. Tax according to the Constitution’s allowable requirements. Stop the illegal forced collection of taxes from the American worker

Another US agency reputation destroyed by Wantagate: MSCMC - Christopher Story, Feb 25, 2008
The Multi-Sector Crisis Management Consortium (MSCMC) was a collaboration of multiple government agencies, academic institutions, and private sector entities united in the common goal of improving national and international crisis management and emergency response capabilities using advanced and emerging information technologies from 2000 through 2007. MSCMC fostered the creation of new knowledge and capabilities that address decision support requirements and resource management needs during all phases of crisis and consequence management. MSCMC was headquartered at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) ACCESS Center in Arlington, VA.

Bush Vows to Veto a Mortgage Relief Bill - By EDMUND L. ANDREWS, NYT, February 27, 2008

Gold futures continue to surge, up more than 1%: Metal earlier touches new record high of $967.70 an ounce - By Polya Lesova, MarketWatch, Feb. 27, 2008

02/27/08 - TFC Goes Down on the Upside - by The Mogambo Guru
"But if TFC was plotted out on this mysterious logarithmic paper, the line on the graph would be sloping down, even though the line on the familiar linear graph of TFC would still be going up!"

Grano scarso: accaparramenti e panico - Maurizio Blondet, Effedieffe, 27 febbraio 2008

- Incontro: IL CRACK FINANZIARIO INTERNAZIONALE DOPO LA GLOBALIZZAZIONE - 27 febbraio 2008 alle 16,30 presso l'Istituto Italiano Quadri in via A. Gramsci, 34, zona Parioli, Roma - Partecipa Larouche, Galloni, etc.

La UE protegge gli euro-ladri - Maurizio Blondet, Effedieffe, 23 febbraio 2008

The Expanding Menu of Horrors
- BY FRANK BARBERA, Market WrapUp 02.26.2008


Housing may be in freefall until credit loosens, supply recedes - By J.W. ELPHINSTONE The Associated Press, February 27, 2008

Zumwinkel to leave Morgan Stanley board - Shanny Basar, Financial News, 27 Feb 2008
Klaus Zumwinkel is leaving the Morgan Stanley board after his resignation as chairman of Deutsche Telekom and chief executive of Deutsche Post earlier this month over allegations of tax evasion

Buyouts responsible for $52bn of 'fallen angel' debt - Duncan Kerr, Financial News, 27 Feb 2008
More than a third of $131bn (€87.1bn) worth of investment grade-rated loans and bonds downgraded to junk or speculative grade last year were issued by companies owned by some of the largest private equity groups, according to rating agency Standard & Poor’s

Banks review their mortgage options - Harry Wilson, Financial News, 27 Feb 2008
Writedowns by investment banks on their exposure to the sub-prime market have become as much a part of market history as the fall in dotcom stocks did nearly eight years ago. However, like the falling share prices of overvalued internet companies, sub-prime write-offs tell only part of the tale of what is happening at investment banks that pitched into the mortgage business with the same abandon they embraced technology stocks in the late 1990s

Plaidoyer en faveur des paradis fiscaux - LE MONDE, 27.02.08

Will the European Parliament End Lobbying Secrecy? - asks Olivier Hoedeman - Spectrezine, February 27th, 2008

Monaco, Jersey, Liechtenstein : les divisions entre Européens gênent la lutte contre les paradis fiscaux - LE MONDE, 26.02.08

Bank of England Fears Largest Peacetime Liquidity Crisis - By Angela Monaghan, The Telegraph, February 26, 2008

02/26/08 - The Euro Only Commits Misdemeanors - by The Mogambo Guru
The euro (EUR), which has been stronger than the dollar, shows an "All Items" year-over-year inflation of "only" 15.6%! Hahahaha!

Spotlight falls on Zumwinkel’s role at Morgan Stanley - David Rothnie, Financial News, 26 Feb 2008
Klaus Zumwinkel’s role as a non-executive director of Morgan Stanley has come under the spotlight following his resignation as chairman of Deutsche Telekom and chief executive of Deutsche Post earlier this month after pressure from the German government amid a tax evasion probe

US governance activists put pressure on banks - Shanny Basar, Financial News, 26 Feb 2008
The credit crisis that has resulted in more than $100bn (€67.9bn) in writedowns at investment banks, the sacking of top executives and sharp share price falls across the sector is having another and possibly more long-term impact

A sobering 12-step scenario: Legendary bear Nouriel Roubini lays out the case for a global financial meltdown. Pass the Prozac, please - By Nouriel Roubini, February 25, 2008

Greenspan tells Gulf to drop dollar - Aljazeera.net, FEBRUARY 25, 2008

Nella crisi, l’ottimismo - Maurizio Blondet, FDF, 25 febbraio 2008

Povertà, Italia come la Romania; Allarme Ue: a rischio un bambino su 4 - TgCom, 25/2/2008

Geo-Politics, Economics, and Globalization - by Dennis Cuddy, NewsWithViews.com, February 25, 2008
Geopolitics and economics are tools used by the power elite to achieve world government via globalization

Lenders Fighting Mortgage Rewrite: Measure Targets Bankrupt Homeowners - By Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, Washington Post, February 22, 2008
Sen. Richard J. Durbin's bill would allow bankruptcy judges to alter the terms of first mortgages for primary residences

Investment banking hits five-year low - Financial News, 25 Feb 2008
European investment banking has suffered its worst start to a year since 2003 with big falls in mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity capital markets activity and poor hedge fund returns with little hope of recovery in the next 10 months. European stock markets have also had their worst start since 1998

Major US Banks - Fundamentals Rapidly Deteriorating - Bloomberg, Feb. 25 2008


Gold Bugs Could Call IMF’s Bluff - By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks, 26 February 2008

Scotland: Freedom - Liberty - Independence - Sean Connery, Feb 25, 2008

Moneychangers Destroying America--And Christians Don't See It - By Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Newswithviews, February 26, 2008

FDIC to add staff as bank failures loom [FDIC is a major fraud] - By Damien Paletta, The Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2008

As commodities soar, suppressing gold loses its point - By Dan Norcini, JSMineset.com, February 25, 2008

Catastrophe's cause was failure to regulate money and credit creation - Gata.org, February 25, 2008

02/25/08 - Nearly Perfect Data - by The Mogambo Guru
"And for a little perspective, that $3.594 trillion in additional debt means that, at even 5% interest, the government is now paying out $180 billion a year, just in the additional interest payments on just this additional debt…"

Da 2002 rincari per 7.635 euro famiglia - ANSA, 23 Feb 2008

Napoli, scusa - Beppe Grillo, 24 Febbraio 2008

WAKE UP, OR YOU WILL DIE HOMELESS AND HUNGRY - By Andrew C. Wallace, NewsWithViews.com, February 13, 2008


Bouh ! (les impôts ont coincés 1000 personnes) - Denis Robert, 22.2.08

Inflation: America’s Greatest Export - By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc., 22 February 2008
"It makes no sense at all for a nation with a strong currency to peg to a weaker one.  It is analogous to an honor student cheating on his exam by copying the answers from the worst student in the class."

Wall Street Bank Run - By David Ignatius, Washington Post, February 21, 2008

Protocols For Economic Collapse In America - By Al Martin, 2-23-8

- sabato 23 febbraio 2008 a Napoli, Piazza Dante, ore 9 - Spot per Il Giorno del Rifiuto (video)

Beating the Drum for a Banking Bailout - by John Hoefle, Executive Intelligence Review, February 22, 2008
"After all, what Paulson and Bernanke are proposing, what Milstein, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase and Rep. Kanjorski are proposing. They all want the government to step in and guarantee assets of the financial market, turning worthless private debts into government-guaranteed debts. What they would do, to use LaRouche's metaphor, is make the bomb even bigger, and push the economy into Weimar-style hyperinflation. These schemes are not solutions, but desperate attempts to buy time, to postpone the inevitable collapse of the banking system."


Signoraggio - Alessandro Magia, Corriere della Sera, 23 febbraio 2008

Dopo la farsa, che cosa? - Gianfranco Lagrassa, Effedieffe, 22 febbraio 2008

Bankers Each Get 37 Months in Enron Case - AP, February 22, 2008

Dehydrated Banks: Just Add Water - by Eric Janszen
Can insolvent lenders be floated by the U.S. government? Should they?

Municide - By John Galt, February 21, 2008
How the Suicidal Fiscal Behavior of Government at every level, Federal, State and Local will Crash the US Financial Markets

Avenue Capital Group: Chelsea’s ‘Distressed Debt’ Hedge Fund Co. - Feb. 2008

02/22/08 - Economic Miseries Measured by the Second - by The Mogambo Guru
"And if you wonder exactly what I mean by 'doomed', I will demonstrate by telling you that the video I am offering you is priced $499.99 today, but it will be $699.99 next year. You figure it out."

A Comment and Critique of Congressman Ron Paul’s Statement on Competing Currencies - Thomas H. Greco, Jr. February 18, 2008

Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve: the Complete Transcript - By Mises Institute, 2/23/2008
"The Federal Reserve System virtually controls the nation's monetary system, yet it is accountable to no one. It has no budget; it is subject to no audit; and no Congressional Committee knows of, or can truly supervise, its operations."

It's Time to Dump the Federal Reserve - By Mike Whitney, "ICH", 21/02/08
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored". Aldous Huxley

German State-Owned Banks on Verge of Collapse - By Wolfgang Reuter, Der Spiegel, February 20, 2008
The German government has had to bail out state-owned banks with taxpayers' money after their managements recklessly gambled away billions on subprime investments

Shadow Government Statistics: M3 through January 2008

US War On Drugs - A Trillion Dollar Joke - By Frosty Wooldridge, rense.com, 2-22-8
Concerning the "War on Drugs", more and more Americans understand the underpinnings of how the U.S. government protracts a national taxpayer fraud. How big a fraud? Taxpayers forked over $1 trillion in 36 years

The Great "Comprehensive Annual Financial Report" Shell Game - By Walter Burien, CAFR1.com, 2-22-8

Rick Renzi Indicted: McCain Co-Chair Hit For Fraud, Extortion - Huffington Post, February 22, 2008
GOP Arizona Rep. Rick Renzi -- the co-chairman of Sen. John McCain's campaign in Arizona -- has been indicted this morning

Clintons to face fraud trial
- WORLDNET DAILY, Feb 21, 2008
Judge setting date, testimony to include ex-president, senator

: "Le Grand Duché du Luxembourg est le seul pays du monde où le ministre de la Justice est aussi celui du Trésor. Cette anecdote montre la collusion entre l’argent et la magistrature. Tous les ministres luxembourgeois sont administrateurs de banques ou ont un mari, une femme, un frère ou sœur travaillant dans le secteur bancaire."

Investors mount fresh legal action to control Bear funds - Financial Times, 20 Feb 2008
Investors in two failed Bear Stearns hedge funds on Tuesday began legal action in the Cayman Islands in an attempt to seize control of the funds, which they hope to use as a platform to demand compensation from the Wall Street bank

SEC files civil fraud charges against ex-Refco chief - The New York Times, 20 Feb 2008
The Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday filed civil fraud charges against Phillip R. Bennett, former chief executive of Refco, days after he pleaded guilty to criminal charges in a scheme to mask the commodities broker’s financial health

L'affaire allemande (Bis Repetita) - Denis Robert, 19.2.08
Les services secrets allemands ont versé durant des années d’importantes commissions à des employés de banques de la principauté du Liechtenstein en échange d’informations sur des comptes de clients allemands

Guide for liquidity crisis to get an update
- 22 Feb 2008
In a move aimed at preventing future freezes in credit markets, US and foreign bank regulators are jointly developing a set of best practices to improve the way banks deal with cash-flow problems

Nigerian states support discontinuing payment in dollars - By Kunle Aderinokun, via AllAfrica.com, February 20, 2008

Poverty Mars Formation of Infant Brains - Financial Times, February 16, 2008
"Many children growing up in very poor families with low social status experience unhealthy levels of stress hormones, which impair their neural development. That effect is on top of any damage caused by inadequate nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins."

Goldman accelerates layoffs as first quarter woes mount - 22 Feb 2008
After dodging mortgage-related losses that crippled its peers last year, Goldman Sachs is laying off an unusually high number of employees as it faces mounting woes in its leveraged lending and investing portfolios.

Redemptions force Zwirn to wind down principal funds - Financial Times, 22 Feb 2008
DB Zwirn & Co, the New York hedge fund, is winding down its principal funds after investors - rattled by lapses in internal controls - said they would withdraw more than $2bn (€1.3bn)

Capitalism in an apocalyptic mood - Walden Bello, Focus on the Global South, 20 February 2008

ZONES FOR SCAM - By Praful Bidwai, Transnational Institute, Feb. 18, 2008
The contentious issue of land acquisition for industry cannot be resolved justly without a "precautionary principle" approach that respects livelihood rights.

GREEN ECONOMICS AND NEW THINKING - By Tom Prugh, WorldChanging, February 18, 2008
[Rachel's introduction: Ordinary risk analysis asks, "How much environmental damage will be allowed?" But the precautionary principle asks, "How little damage is possible?" Today we're seeing the principle adopted more and more widely.]

FUGA DA BANCATRAZ - di Eugenio Benetazzo

02/21/08 - 401-Keg Plan Matures in Britain - by The Mogambo Guru
"Then I recall that the average retirement plan in America, like a 401(k), has somewhere between $25,000 and $60,000 in it, and I wonder how long that would last if one lousy chicken cost $15 million. Hahahaha!"

02/20/08 - Learning How to Spell "Inflationary Depression" - by The Mogambo Guru
"Of course, now that actual reserves in the banks are (unbelievably) no longer required, financial corruption in the banks has now reached its zenith, as the banks are now totally free to create as much money as Ben Bernanke will let them…"

02/19/08 - "Everybody Hurts" - Inflation's Theme Song - by The Mogambo Guru
"The apparently salubrious result is that the money is created out of thin air, and nobody has so much as a dime taken away from them, dorkface! In fact, everybody involved has the same or more money!"

02/18/08 - The Happy Mogambo Retirement Fund - by The Mogambo Guru
"They only want to talk about how they found out that the 0.5% deduction in their paychecks for HMRF is actually the Happy Mogambo Retirement Fund (HMRF), which means that I am taking money out of their paychecks for my own use."

Les juges "Financiers" en ont plein le dos... - Denis Robert, 18.2.08

Piccolo Commerciante Si Uccide Dandosi Fuoco a Roma - AGI, 18 feb. 2008

Lodi: Ex bancario Ucciso e Nascosto In Bagagliaio Auto, Autopsia Chiarira' Causa Morte - di Afe/Gs/Adnkronos, 15 Feb. 2008

The Relation Between the Economics of C. H. Douglas and Those of Rudolf Steiner - By Owen Barfield (UK)

The Deadly Quicksand of Deficit Spending - By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU, news.goldseek.com, 18 February 2008
It is then that the movie turns into a farce, as Ms. Pelosi is crying out, 'Quick! Give him some more money!' Hahahaha! Nice work, Ms. Pelosi! Groucho Marx would have been proud of us both!

Iran opens oil products exchange, plans one for oil itself - By the Associated Press via International Herald-Tribune, Paris, February 17, 2008

Bernanke's State of the Economy Speech: "You are all Dead Ducks" - By Mike Whitney, "ICH", 16/02/08
"Discount everything I've said here today if the economy blows up---as I fully-expect it will---from decades of regulatory neglect and the myriad multi-trillion dollar Ponzi-schemes which have put the entire financial system at risk of a major heart attack"

[The Exit Doors aree closed...] Citigroup hedge fund bars exit by investors after bad bet - The Wall Street Journal, 15 Feb 2008

Activist group demands more detail on losses - William Hutchings, Financial News, 18 Feb 2008
Swiss corporate governance foundation Ethos has dismissed a detailed attempt by UBS to defuse a row over its risk controls, and has demanded an independent, public investigation to restore confidence in the bank

Gran Bretagna, governo annuncia nazionalizzazione Banca Northern Rock - Reuters, 17 Feb. 2008




Foreclosures in Jamaica now home to squatters, druggies - making ghost town - BY JESS WISLOSKI, DAILY NEWS, February 17th 2008

La perdita di un’ultima fede (nel debito) - Maurizio Blondet, Effedieffe, 16/02/2008+
E’ la crisi «più cattiva della storia finanziaria», dice Quinlan. L’immensa bolla finanziaria si sgonfia tutta quanta. Dalle azioni sopravvalutate, ai fondi-pensione che le hanno in portafoglio. E non potranno pagare le pensioni promesse


Recession Debate Turns Toward Inflation - Michael Pento, 321gold, Feb 16, 2008

Banks could face auction rate bond lawsuits - Shanny Basar and Renée Schultes, Financial News, 15 Feb 2008
A class action law firm is investigating losses in auction-rate securities and investment banks that sell the paper as the market has begun to crack and the frequency of failed auctions has increased

Disintossicarsi dalla speculazione - Pierluigi Paoletti, Centrofondi, 15 febbraio 2008

Unidentified Financial Objects - iTulip, 02-15-08


Ron Paul: Statement on Competing Currencies - February 13, 2008

Worried bankers seek to shift risk to Uncle Sam - By Damian Paletta, The Wall Street Journal, February 14, 2008

02/14/08 - Prehistoric Problems With Fiat Currency - by The Mogambo Guru
"And it is made absolutely terrifying when you learn that all of the money that has been lost is, amazingly, borrowed and is still owed! Hahaha! This is the downside of having an economic system where debt creates money! Hahaha!"

02/13/08 - Saddled by Electronic Pixie Dust - by The Mogambo Guru
"And it doesn't take a real genius to see that higher costs for producers means they will have to charge higher prices, which means that when Brits buy something from now on, they will pay higher prices."

02/12/08 - Trillion Dollar Bush - by The Mogambo Guru
"For me, it's all about the money and how all of this spending will be accomplished by a brain-dead Federal Reserve creating the money out of thin air so that the government can borrow it, and how all of this money will drive the national debt up more…"

02/11/08 - Oil Crisis Rush Hour - by The Mogambo Guru
"The dollar going down in purchasing power, which is the same as an increase in prices, has cost them 13% in one year, all thanks to the despicable Federal Reserve creating all that money and credit, so that the government could borrow it and spend it…"

Small businesses sour on economy in January - Reuters, Feb 12, 2008

More Ponzi Finance Dilemmas - The Wall Street Examiner, February 12th, 2008

Message from the presidential candidate Ron Paul: Going the Distance (video) - February 11, 2008

No hiding huge inflation in Britain anymore: Families Hit - By Harry Wallop, The Telegraph, February 12, 2008
Families are having to pay an extra L1,300 a year in household bills as food and fuel prices rise at their fastest rate for 17 years



Predatory lending: "Liquidity Looked in the Mirror But Insolvency Stared Back" - Richard Benson, 321gold, Feb 11, 2008

Governments said ready to intervene if markets become 'irrational' - Reuters, February 11, 2008
Asked what form such collective action may take, Juncker said: "Whoever has a strategy, should not set it out. Otherwise it will lose its effect if it is explained."

- By Dennis L. Cuddy, NewsWithViews.com, February 11, 2008

JP Morgan M&A chairman steps down - Cardiff de Alejo Garcia, Financial News, 11 Feb 2008
The chairman of global mergers and acquisitions at JP Morgan has stepped down to work for the family office and philanthropic endeavors of Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder and chairman of Limited Brands, leaving a role at the Wall Street bank that will remain unfilled

Controriforma liberista e fine di Bankitalia - Raffaele Ragni, Rinascita, 10 Febbraio 2008

Venezuelan President Threatens to Cut Off Oil Sales to US, Calls Exxon Mobil 'Outlaws' - By Sandra Sierra, Associated Press, February 10, 2008

U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF): Background and Issues for Congress - Andrew Feickert, CRS Report, January 25, 2008

Legendary Funds Manager Julian Robertson Predicts Utter Global Collapse - The Analyst, January 11, 2008
According to Robertson, “the Bush-Cheney regime is preparing the nation for transition from democracy into dictatorship because a dictatorship will be necessary to control, in 5 years time, food and water riots.” He said “the federal government, that part of Patriot II Act, the internal exile, that the government is going to have to build now huge detention compounds on federal lands, probably in the West where the land is available, to potentially house 50 million or more citizens that will be in financial ruin.”

02/11/08 - Oil Crisis Rush Hour - by The Mogambo Guru
"The dollar going down in purchasing power, which is the same as an increase in prices, has cost them 13% in one year, all thanks to the despicable Federal Reserve creating all that money and credit, so that the government could borrow it and spend it…"

Asian Stocks Fall on Growth Concerns; Commonwealth, Banks Drop - By Chen Shiyin, Bloomberg, Feb. 11, 2008

REPLY TO GEN. IVASHOV: A World System in Collapse! - by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., January 29, 2008

Why the price of 'peak oil' is famine - By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph, 09/02/2008

The Great Depression 2008 - It can't happen to us....can it?” - By: Andy Sutton, Feb 09, 2008

US Stock Market & Monetary System Collapse (video)

02/08/08 - Enough of this Economic Claptrap - by The Mogambo Guru
"Enough of this econometric claptrap crap! Lowering interest rates may send the stock of Mogambo Global Enterprises up, but the management (me) is still the same stupid embezzling halfwit who continually has us on the brink of disaster!"

Sovereign Wealth Funds - The Last Bastion's of “Dumb Money”? - By: Anthony_Cherniawski, The Market Oracle, Feb 09, 2008

Slumping sales signal US recession; slowdown spreads to Europe - By Barry Grey, WSWS, 8 February 2008

The EU is a self-perpetuating racket - The First Post, JANUARY 25, 2008
There’s too much at stake for Eurocrats who depend on the system, says Daniel Hannan

Gold Traders see thru ECB's "Smoke and Mirrors" - Gary Dorsch, Global Money Trends magazine, Feb 8, 2008

Derivati bugie e videotape - di Paolo Biondani, L'Espresso, 08 febbraio 2008
Contratti fantasma. Date false. Speculazioni a rischio. Così un imprenditore registra di nascosto gli incontri con Unicredit. E oggi chiede 280 milioni di danni

Banking survey: Lenders plan more strategic partnerships to survive - Financial Times, 11 Feb 2008

Japan is the next sub-prime flashpoint - By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph, February 10, 2008

The Power Elite Playbook, Government by Gunpoint - By Deanna Spingola, 10 February 2008

Come (dis) funziona la Casta - Maurizio Blondet, Effedieffe, 07/02/2008

Mobilization of IMF gold just a sign of central bank desperation - February 9, 2008

OPEC Considers Switch to Euro Pricing - By Perry Williams, Middle East Economic Digest, February 8, 2008

Debt fears heighten in U.S. and Europe - By Michael Mackenzie and Henny Sender, Financial Times, February 8, 2008


USA, fornitore fa strage in Consiglio comunale: 6 morti - La Stampa, 9/2/2008

The Coming Collapse of International Credit-Ratings - Alex Wallenwein, 2/8/08

SocGen confirms second employee 'being questioned by police' - Vivek Ahuja, Financial News, 08 Feb 2008
Société Générale has confirmed that an employee working for its brokerage unit Fimat is being questioned by French police

02/07/08 - The Fresh But Ephemeral Hell of the U.S. Economy - by The Mogambo Guru
"Not only have bank reserves not gone up in 10 years by so much as a dime, but the Treasury bonds that the Fed bought, by creating the money to buy them, are also disappearing! As Dorothy Parker so famously said, 'What fresh hell is this?'"

Fed manipulates all markets with repurchase agreements - Gata.org, February 5, 2008
Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
World Net Daily today interviews Interventional Analysis newsletter editor Michael Bolser about the Federal Reserve's use of repurchase agreements to manipulate the bond, currency, commodity, and stock markets through the Fed's primary dealers in these agreements. Is the ECB doing the same? See:
List of the Primary Securities Dealers engaged in market manipulation:
BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
 Banc of America Securities LLC
Barclays Capital Inc.
 Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc.
Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
 Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
Countrywide Securities Corporation
 Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC
Daiwa Securities America Inc.
 Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Securities LLC.
 Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Greenwich Capital Markets, Inc.
 HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
J. P. Morgan Securities Inc.
 Lehman Brothers Inc.
Merrill Lynch Government Securities Inc.
 Mizuho Securities USA Inc.
Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated
 UBS Securities LLC.

Ron Paul talks about the collapse

Upheavals reinforce need for greater transparency of trades - Luke Jeffs, Financial News, 07 Feb 2008
Transparency was the buzz word in London’s corridors of powers last week. There were calls for transparency into the expenses that UK politicians pay family members after it emerged a Conservative MP had paid his two sons £80,000 (€107,700) of public money for apparently doing very little, while Gordon Brown, with his French, German and Italian counterparts, called for more of the same to prevent a repeat of last August’s sub-prime crisis

SocGen under SEC scanner over alleged securities fraud - Financial Times, 07 Feb 2008

Riassunto delle puntate precedenti: la gente ha bisogno di potere d'acquisto, lo stato non riesce a rispondere. Come finirà?

Credit Crisis: Precursor of Great Inflation - By Thorsten Polleit, mises.org, 2/7/2008

7 febbraio ore 21: Ezra Pound a Gallarate (mp3): Nell'ambito del  “Gallarate Poesia Festival” organizzato dal Comune di Gallarate, Interviene Mary De Rachewiltz, figlia di Ezra Pound - Teatro del Popolo, Via Palestro, 5 - Gallarate

The Real Lesson Of SocGen - By: Theodore Butler, SilverSeek, 5 February, 2008

French to become sole head of Goldman wealth outside US - Mike Foster, Financial News, 06 Feb 2008
Former investment banker Christopher French is set to become sole head of Goldman Sachs' wealth management division after current co-head, Doug Grip, decided to retire

Il caso "Sentier" non è che la punta dell'iceberg di un sistema finanziario basato sulla carta straccia - 7 febbraio 2008

02/06/08 - The Mogambo 'Big Budget' Movie Review - by The Mogambo Guru
"Well, he couldn't be more right about us spending ourselves to death, as the national debt is actually $9.1 trillion, already grown by $500 billion since he was interviewed for a movie so new that it just premiered! Hahaha!"

02/05/08 - Golden Prices from Decreased Production - by The Mogambo Guru
"Ergo, the price of gold must equilibrate lower supply versus higher demand at a higher price! To those who own gold, or plan to own gold before things get kicked into high gear, this means, 'Wheee!…'"
In today's dollars, 1975 gold at $196 is more like $750 in the current market. And 1980 gold, the peak year at the historical price of $850, would now clock in closer to $2,176. And remember, this is only what you get using the most conservative market calculation of gold's worth. There are other, even more telling ways to value gold.

Banks face $2.25bn suit over failed loan - Stephanie Baum, Financial News, 06 Feb 2008
Three of Wall Street's biggest banks have been hit with a $2.25bn (€1.5bn) lawsuit filed by a nylon and plastics producer, which claims the lenders failed to provide an agreed loan to help remove it from bankruptcy.

Massachusetts pension scheme fires Goldman Sachs - Cardiff de Alejo Garcia, Financial News, 06 Feb 2008
The Massachusetts state pension fund has fired a money manager for the fifth time in five months, terminating a $1.2bn (€820m) contract with Goldman Sachs because of alleged substandard performance and discomfort with personnel changes at the bank.

Dow has worst day since February 2007 - Rob Curran, Financial News, 06 Feb 2008
(Dow Jones) Another sign that the US is sliding into recession wiped out much of the gains since the Federal Reserve's rate cuts for banks such as Citigroup, stores such as Home Depot and industrial companies such as Alcoa.

Late trade charges cost Ritchie Capital $40bn - Stephanie Baum, Financial News, 06 Feb 2008
Hedge fund Ritchie Capital Management has reached a $40m (€27.3m) settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission over charges it engaged in late trading in mutual funds, one of the largest settlements of its kind to date.


Société Générale on trial in French-Israel money laundering scam - AFP, 04/Feb/2008


Wildcat Banking in the Virtual Frontier - By Matthew Beller, Mises.org, 2/5/2008

02/05/08 - Golden Prices from Decreased Production - by The Mogambo Guru
"Ergo, the price of gold must equilibrate lower supply versus higher demand at a higher price! To those who own gold, or plan to own gold before things get kicked into high gear, this means, 'Wheee!…'"
As I recall, in 1971 gold was still less than $40 an ounce, too, just before Nixon severed the last of the convertibility of dollars into gold. "So," you might ask, "isn't gold at over $900 an ounce today about right?"
Wrong! In fact, they write, "Using today's CPI basket, the inflation adjusted high is USD 2,200 per ounce of Gold. Applying the pre-Clinton CPI basket, the inflation adjusted high is USD 5,000 per ounce."

[latest fraud] New York Reserve adds $18bn for bank funding - Renée Schultes, Financial News, 05 Feb 2008

[seigniorage] Norway: Opposition to EU membership at record high - Spectrezine

[o la borsa o la vita] Borsa Crolla Nel Finale, Mibtel -3,06%, Pesante Fiat - AGI, 5 feb. 2008

INFLAZIONE/CONSUMATORI: RAPINA DA 137MLD, CLASS ACTION CONTRO ISTAT - In 2008 ulteriori aumenti per 1.700 euro - Apcom, 5 feb. 2008

Dozens of U.S. banks will fail by 2010: analyst - Jonathan Stempel, Reuters, February 01, 2008

Napolitano comienza procedimiento para disolver Cámaras y convocar elecciones - Febrero 5 de 2008

Direttore di banca ucciso in Sardegna - ANSA, 2008-02-05

Corte dei Conti, Lazzaro: paese vive momento di malessere [ma dai!] - ANSA, 2008-02-05

Inflazione, le novità del paniere Istat: entra navigatore satellitare per marziani - 5/2/2008

Tangenti, arrestato presidente porto di Genova - di Domenico Ravenna, IlSole24Ore, 5 febbraio 2008

USA, lista aggiornata dei bidoni della spazzatura dove trovare cibo - Dumpster Directory

Fourth Corner Exchange
(Time dollars): New Member Meetings and Other Events
“We created Fourth Corner Exchange four years ago because people were looking for an alternative to the mainstream money system,” Ayley says. “People were worried about the instability of our present money system, and wanted some insurance against a possible collapse. The local currency movement has provided small-scale, local economic fixes, but we wanted to expand on that agenda."

SENTITO OGGI SU RAI2: "Dopo la pubblicità vi diciamo i trucchi per arrivare a fine mese..." - 5 febbraio 2008

[così fan tutte] La Casta dei giornali: Il Foglio - Beppe Grillo, 5 Febbraio 2008
"Con il trucco della famosa Convenzione per la Giustizia, che era… Un trucco… beh, beh, diciamo che la legge dava una possibilità e noi l’abbiamo sfruttata… È un trucco nel senso che non era un vero partito..."

[verso l'insolvenza globale] C’è qualcosa che non va - Claudio Bianchini, Effedieffe, 04/02/2008

Freaking Doomed by Doubling Power - Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU, 5 February 2008
Hoping that they were wrong, because this rate of inflation would be horrendous, I went to Mr. William's ShadowStats.com to find, sure enough, that inflation has taken a sudden spike to 12%, with no sign of stopping! Yikes!

SocGen crisis: France mulls punishing fines for lax banks - Financial Times, 05 Feb 2008
France is preparing to impose punishing fines on banks that fail to monitor trading risks after a government report on Monday signalled serious weaknesses at Société Générale, which has been rocked by the biggest rogue trading scandal in financial history

I criminali in colletto bianco amano l'oscurità - Denis Robert, 4.2.08
Qui troviamo tutta l'ipocrisia del sistema. Questi uomini, queste donne, questi poliziotti, questi magistrati, questi funzionari di stati minuscoli, questi eletti grazie al consenso bancario sono nei punti strategici nei meccanismi che proteggono il crimine organizzato. Essi vengono pagati per chiudere gli occhi e per montare delle procedure dilatorie. Loro potrebbero rompere con questa follia collettiva...

Les criminels en col blanc aiment l’obscurité: Open Bar - Denis Robert, 4.2.08
Là est toute l’hypocrisie du système. Ces hommes, ces femmes, ces policiers, ces magistrats, ces fonctionnaires d’Etats minuscules, ces élus du consensus bancaire sont à des points stratégiques dans les appareils visant à la protection du crime organisé. Ils sont payés pour fermer les yeux et monter des procédures dilatoires. Ils pourraient rompre avec cette folie collective

[verso l'insolvenza globale] I consumatori e la crisi dei mutui:e se nessuno pagasse più? - Massimo Benvenuti, L'Altra Sicilia, 1 febbraio 2008

Ex-Credit Suisse banker convicted of insider trading - Chad Bray, Dow Jones, 05 Feb 2008
Former Credit Suisse investment banker Hafiz Muhammad Zubair Naseem was convicted of criminal charges that he improperly tipped off a prominent investment Pakistani banker about pending mergers

French minister calls for banks to divulge control breaches - Vivek Ahuja and Tom Fairless, Financial News, 04 Feb 2008
The French finance minister Christine Lagarde today said regulators should have informed the government sooner about the multi-billion euro trading fraud at Société Générale, and also called for the creation of dedicated teams at the largest banks to identify cases of internal control breaches even when they have not had any negative effects

US authorities open SocGen investigations - The Wall Street Journal, 04 Feb 2008
US authorities have opened preliminary investigations tied to the trading scandal at Société Générale, the latest legal twist for the embattled French bank

Deutsche Bank cuts in UK corporate finance - David Rothnie, Financial News, 04 Feb 2008
Deutsche Bank has cut jobs from five of its London coverage groups. The German bank has sacked investment bankers from its consumer and real estate sector teams and from leveraged finance, corporate broking and mergers and acquisitions as part of its 30 redundancies programme in its London-based corporate finance division

The Recycling Myth - By Per Bylund, mises.org, 2/4/2008

Credit crunch claims scalp of Platinum Fund Managers - Simon Bain, The Herald, February 04 2008

US banks to take $60bn real estate hit - Duncan Kerr, Financial News, 04 Feb 2008
The US banking sector could incur mark-to-market losses of as much as $60bn (€40.5bn) this year on commercial real estate and other exotic mortgage loans, types of debt financing that represent the highest risk to banks' earnings and capital, according to research from Goldman Sachs

Huckabee Asks Jesus to Stimulate Economy: Loaves, Fishes Key to Package - The Borowitz Report, February 3, 2008

Thomas H. Greco, MONNAIES LOCALES: DEMOCRATIES VITALES: moyens de lutte pour regagner le marché libre et l’intérêt commun
Ce manuel pratique d'économie locale
- présente des mécanismes économiques qui valorisent équitablement le travail et tiennent compte de la réalité de l'abondance terrestre et de ses limites,
- montre comment des groupes volontaires peuvent revitaliser l'économie locale malgré la finance,
- démontre la vraie nature de la monnaie et les nouvelles façons de la transformer.
Première Partie
Deuxième Partie
Troisième Partie
Bibliographie Sources et Ressources

Fundamentals of Alternative Currencies and Value Measurement - Thomas Greco, February 1, 2008
To truly empower a local community, a currency should be issued on the basis of goods and services changing hands, i.e., it should be “spent into circulation” by local business entities and/or individuals who are able to redeem it by providing goods or services that are in everyday demand by local consumers. Such a currency amounts to an i.o.u. of the issuer, an i.o.u. that is voluntarily accepted by some other provider of goods and services (like an employee or supplier), then circulated, then eventually redeemed, not in cash, but “in kind.” In this way, community members “monetize” the value of their own production, just as banks monetize the value of collateral assets when they make a loan, except in this case, it is done by the community members themselves based on their own values and criteria, without the “help” or involvement of any government, bank, or ordinary financial institution, and without the need to have any official money to begin with.

Credit Clearing - Pure and Simple - Thomas Greco
Banks perpetuate the myth that money is a “thing” to be lent. If a client’s balance is allowed to be negative, the bank considers that to be a “loan” and will charge “interest” on it. Has the bank loaned anything? Not really. What they have done is to allocate some of our collective credit to the “borrower.” For this they claim the right to charge interest.

Ron Paul third in Maine Republican primary with 19 percent - AFP, Feb 3, 2008

The Wealth of Neighbors: The Power of Local Currency
Have you ever thought your community could be more prosperous if it only had more money? What if your community could issue its own money to complement federal dollars and thus build its local economy?
There is a growing worldwide movement to reclaim the power of issuing currency on the local level. The Wealth of Neighbors is a 28 minute film detailing one such community and their currency called "River HOURS". This inspiring film challenges the long held belief that we need to have federal dollars to have wealth.
This film makes an ideal starting point for a community discussion about money. A discussion guide can be provided for group viewings.

Occhi bianchi sul pianeta Italia - Beppe Grillo, 3 Febbraio 2008

Banche italiane indirizzate da Profumo e Passera - Reuters, 21 gennaio 2008 (Nomen omen?)

Les affaires continuent (Clearstream account from CHASE linked to ENRON) - Denis Robert, 2.2.08

CORPORATIONS GAINING CONTROL OF UNIVERSITY RESEARCH AGENDAS - Center for Science in the Public Interest, January 21, 2008
[Rachel's introduction: As taxes are cut, university research budgets are cut. This has created an opening for corporations (oil, gas, coal, pharmaceuticals, others) to fund research -- gaining more than a "green" image in the process. Often the corporations get to influence what will be studied, and get to veto publication of the results.]

The Flight from the Dollar - James Turk, GoldMoney, 1 February 2008
L'oro quotato in Euro mostra la perdita di potere d'acquisto: Un euro del 2001 vale oggi 40 centesimi.

Could the 2008 Election Bring the End of America as We Know it? - By Jon Christian Ryter, NewsWithViews.com, February 3, 2008
The plus in the Bank Panic of 1907 was a political opportunist named Woodrow Wilson. Col. Edward Mandall House, one of Morgan's key aides (with family ties to the Rothschild family in Europe), told Morgan that he believed Wilson would make an ideal President because the former Princeton president would be putty in their hands­he would take orders. Morgan liked the idea well enough to send House to feel out the governor and see if Wilson wanted the job bad enough to work with Morgan. Wilson agreed

Global Finance And The Insanity Defense - By Pam Martens, rense.com, 2-3-8 [must read]
With Wall Street capital disappearing as fast as foreclosures are climbing, one foreign head of state had an epiphany. French President Nicholas Sarkozy advanced the idea recently that the global financial system is "out of its mind."

Perché ci hanno sempre occupato - Maurizio Blondet, Effedieffe, 03/02/2008
Il sedimento di inciviltà diventa ogni giorno più spesso, fetente e incrostato. Arretriamo verso la miseria da terzo mondo, senza possibile riscatto
Old-men suks

Home Prices May Drop Another 25%-30% - Common Sense Forecaster, February 2, 2008

Bush legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering - Richard A. Clarke (former head of counterterrorism at the National Security Council), The Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 1, 2008

Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system" - By Brent Jessop, Global Research, February 2, 2008
 The Pentagon's Information Operations Roadmap is blunt about the fact that an internet, with the potential for free speech, is in direct opposition to their goals. The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system"

The Journalist Turned Journo-Lobbyist's Bid to be PR Czar: The Wild Career of James "Dow 36,000" Glassman - By Diane Farsetta, Counterpunch, February 1, 2008

Fallout From US Slowdown Hits Canada - Michael Shedlock, February 02, 2008

La rivolta degli 007 contro Prodi: "Così ha deviato i servizi segreti" - Gian Marco Chiocci e Massimo Malpica, Il Giornale, 3 febbraio 2008
Le presunte «epurazioni» avrebbero interessato sia gli 007 civili sia quelli militari. Ma a finire nell’occhio del ciclone, a causa del fascicolo aperto a piazzale Clodio, è soprattutto l’ex Sisde, dove a salvarsi dallo «spoil system», sempre a dar retta all’esposto delle ex spie, accompagnato da due interrogazioni parlamentari, sarebbero solo quegli agenti che possono vantare parentele, anche di primo grado, con esponenti di partiti dell’ormai ex governo Prodi. In primis il neonato Partito democratico

Ron Paul's Revolution Manifesto leaps to #3 at Amazon - Amazon, Feb 03, 2008

Merrill Lynch Opens Legal Hornet's Nest - Mike "Mish" Shedlock, February 02, 2008

Report: Federal Prosecutors Probe UBS' Mortgage Pricing - TheStreet.com, 02/02/08

US Banking System Teetering on the Brink of Collapse - By: Mike_Whitney, Stock-Markets/Financial Crash, Feb 01, 2008


Parodia di Friedman ieri sera su LA7: Non c'è inflazione perché i nanotubi al carbonio - che servono per costruire ascensori nello spazio - sono diminuiti, né sono aumentate le bretelle da orto, i ravioli vuoti, l'aspira grandine, lo champagne per gatti e gli occhiali da morto né tanti altri beni fondamentali per l'economia e i bilanci familiari che non sono aumentati di una virgòla. Chi dice il contrario, fa terrorismo economico... (video) (secondo video)- 3 febbraio 2008

BANKITALIA: OLTRE IL 26% E' USURA (e prima cos'e?)

Ron Paul: Secretive Elite Control America - PressTv, 02-01-2008
Presidential hopeful Ron Paul says he traces America's problems to the flawed monetary policy controlled by the wealthy and secretive elite

The Role of Ideas - By Ludwig von Mises, 2/2/2008

Politician Ron Paul discusses national economics and federal banking money - Mother Earth News, March/April 1983

U.S. payrolls shrink by 17,000: Employers cut back on hiring; first drop in payrolls in 4 years - Feb. 1, 2008

Seoul court sentences Lone Star exec - Dow Jones Newswires, 01 Feb 2008
The Seoul Central District Court Friday sentenced Paul Yoo, the head of Lone Star Funds' South Korean unit, to five years in jail for manipulating the stock price of the credit card unit of Korea Exchange Bank, or KEB, in which Lone Star owns a controlling stake

Banks join to solve bond insurer crisis - By David Wighton, Aline van Duyn, Henny Sender, and Peter Thal Larsen, Financial Times, February 1, 2008

Massachusetts charges Merrill with fraud - By Greg Morcroft, MarketWatch, Feb. 1, 2008

Telecom: Cgil Scrive a Bernabe', e' Emergenza Salariale - ANSA, 2 FEB 2008

UBS warns of fallout as EGM looms - Vivek Ahuja, Financial News, 01 Feb 2008
UBS has warned shareholders that its credit rating and funding costs could be hit if they fail to back its capital-raising plan at a crucial extraordinary meeting this month

Snipes Acquitted of Tax Fraud - By Travis Reed, Associated Press, February 1, 2008

THE TURTLE HAS LANDED - By Dr. Laurie Roth, NewsWithViews.com, February 1, 2008

Merrill sued after reimbursing city for CDO losses - Cardiff Garcia, Financial News, 01 Feb 2008

Congress investigates executive compensation - Shanny Basar, Financial News, 01 Feb 2008

Korean court convicts Lone Star of stock manipulation - The Wall Street Journal, 01 Feb 2008

[fuggi fuggi] High-flying bond executive quits Deutsche Bank - The Wall Street Journal, 01 Feb 2008
Martin Fisch has left Deutsche Bank, where he helped build its major business as an originator of convertible bonds in Europe, sources said

La Casta dei giornali: Un miliardo di euro all'anno - Beppe Grillo, 1 Febbraio 2008
Se l'editoria ci costasse solo un miliardo di euro di finanziamenti all'anno ce ne faremmo una ragione. Ma il costo della disinformazione ci costa molto di più.


[naked short] AXA imposes six-month ban on investor withdrawals - Miles Costello, The Times, February 1, 2008
AXA became the latest victim of the crisis in the commercial property market yesterday as it imposed a six-month ban on investors withdrawing funds from its £2.1 billion portfolio.

02/01/08 - A Million Millions - by The Mogambo Guru
"The shock of the exclamation points, coupled with the revelation that the total losses are going to be at least 10 times as big as estimates project, temporarily revived me by jolting me into a Mindless Mogambo Episode Of Anger And Outrage (MMEOAAO)…"


Shut Down The Federal Reserve: Save America! (sign the petition)
Costituzione italiana - Art. 1 [in lettere, per le banche: "articolouno"] La sovranità appartiene al popolo.
Petition: Transatlantic Seigniorage Dialogue - Petizione: per un dialogo Transatlantico sul Signoraggio




- AMI 2008 Monetary Reform Conference at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Sept. 25-28, 2008
- 314° anniversario del signoraggio il 27 - 7 - 2008
(anno sabbatico) - 314th seigniorage anniversary (anno Templare 890)

- Third International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance: Risk Management, Regulation and Supervision, April 2008, Karachi Pakistan- CALL FOR PAPERS

- unMoney Convergence Conference - Seattle, WA, April 14th-16th, 2008
- Open Money Intensive
- Tepoztlán near Mexico City, Mexico, March 3rd to 9th, 2008

I flussi internazionali del denaro - capitolo sette del libro inedito: "O LA BANCA O LA VITA", di Marco Saba, inedito 2008

La mappa del potere: relazioni tra le aziende italiane quotate in Borsa
"Based on research...by the Congressional Research Service, there is no provisions which...require...an individual to pay an income tax."
Modulo di atto di citazione contro una banca nel caso in cui vi sia o vi sia stato un ‘fido’ [.doc] - Avv. Alfonso Luigi Marra


GENNAIO 16-31 2008
GENNAIO 1-15 2008

OTTOBRE 16-31 2007
OTTOBRE 1-15 2007
STTEMBRE 16-30 2007
SETTEMBRE 1-15 2007
MARZO 2007



Lord Bryce: "Democracy has no more persistent and insidious foe than money powers. Questions regarding Bank of England, its conduct and its objects, are not allowed by the Speaker" (of the House of Commons).

"E si osserva anche ciò che meglio di ogni altra cosa può dare la misura della situazione attuale: il dilagare del "metodo mafioso" a tutta la società, la penetrazione progressiva del modello del ricatto, della minaccia, dell'avvertimento. La scomparsa progressiva della "giustificazione", che lascia il posto alla pura forza.
Al fondo di ogni trauma, di ogni episodio di terrorismo organizzato, di ogni manovra di potere o di corruzione politica, scavando, si trova uno sportello bancario."
- Lombard, "Soldi Truccati", ed. Feltrinelli, 1980, pag. 11

"Non appena pervenne alle nostre orecchie che a cagione di una nuova controversia (precisamente se un certo contratto si debba giudicare valido) si venivano diffondendo per l’Italia alcune opinioni che non sembravano conformi ad una saggia dottrina, ritenemmo immediatamente che spettasse alla Nostra Apostolica carica apportare un rimedio efficace ad impedire che questo guaio, con l’andar del tempo e in silenzio, acquistasse forze maggiori; e bloccargli la strada perché non si estendesse serpeggiando a corrompere le città d’Italia ancora immuni."
- Benedictus PP. XIV, enciclica Vix Pervenit, Roma, 1 Novembre 1745

As Winston Churchill pointed out to Lord Robert Boothby. “The unforgivable crime of Germany, before the second world war, was her attempt to extricate its economic power from the world’s trading system and create its own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit”.

“The crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.” 
- Rudiger Dornbusch, MIT Economist


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